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Two-month-old baby’s hand twisted, not only beaten with hanger –Surgeon

Angela Onwuzoo

A Professor of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira, Mike Ogirima, has asked law enforcement agencies to interrogate Mr. Confidence Amatobi, accused of inflicting serious injury to the hand of his two-month-old son, Miracle, with a plastic cloth hanger which eventually led to the amputation of the hand.

According to the surgeon, the father should be quizzed by the police to explain what he actually did to the right hand of the son as the injury the baby sustained seems way beyond what could come from a plastic hanger.

Prof. Ogirima who is a past President of the Nigerian Medical Association while condemning the brutality said the cruel father must have also twisted the arm of the infant.

He stressed that beating the baby’s hand with a plastic hanger alone will not lead to its amputation. 

Recall that PUNCH HealthWise had reported how Confidence Amatobi had allegedly broken the arm of his two-month-old son out of anger because the toddler was disturbing his sleep.

The child was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, where the affected hand was amputated to save his life

Speaking in an interview with PUNCH HealthWise, Prof. Ogirima disclosed that doctors at the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri were forced to amputate the arm of the two-month Miracle after his cruel father broke his limb.

Speaking further with our correspondent, Prof. Ogirima said for the child’s arm to be amputated after being beaten with a plastic cloth hanger, the father must have in addition to the beating twisted and crushed the baby’s hand, which according to him led to the amputation.

The bone expert explained, “I don’t want to believe that it was only the hanger that the father used to beat the child that led to the amputation of his hand. The father must have twisted the baby’s hand or entrapped the hand by twisting the hanger. 

“If it is an iron-made hanger, he must have twisted the hanger around the baby’s arm and that led the child to do a guillotine amputation. 

“You need a force to have to disembark the limb and there must be a great crushing first. So, I don’t believe that story of a plastic hanger being used to beat a child and in the process, that hand has to be amputated. 

“The father of the baby should be interrogated on what he did to the child. I don’t want to believe that beating a baby with a hanger will lead to amputation.”

Also, Favour Chikwe, the 20-year-old mother of Miracle, said the child’s father, Amatobi, impeded her ability to obtain immediate medical care for him.

Miracle’s mother had in an earlier report disclosed that she had left him with his father on Friday, October 7, 2022, to use the convenience, when the incident occurred.

Favour recalled that she overheard her baby crying uncontrollably and had to rush back to know the cause of his cry only for her to discover that the right hand was swollen and the bone is broken from the beating the baby received from his father.

The culprit, a native of Amurie in Isu LGA of Imo State, who has since gone into hiding, has been declared wanted by law enforcement agencies.

Reacting to some comments in some quarters that the amputation was done in a haste, the orthopaedic surgeon noted that no doctor will be interested in severing a part of a body if that part is not posing a severe danger to the health of that individual. 

The former NMA boss warned parents to stop being cruel to their children.

The don stated that children’s bones are fragile and can easily be deformed, stressing that it is dangerous for parents to beat their children, especially those under-five with objects, warning that it could lead to deformity.

Advising parents to avoid twisting the arm of a child and child battering, the don said, “Avoid physical abuse of a child. A child’s bone is softer than that of an adult. It is malleable, it can bend and can be deformed easily. 

“You are not supposed to hit a child. You have to strike a balance between disciplining your child cruelly and pampering the child. Sharp objects that can inflict injuries on children should be avoided when disciplining them”

 Meanwhile, the National Human Right Commission and the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists have condemned the brutality of the infant.

They charged the Imo government and the Nigeria Police Force to immediately arrest and prosecute the culprit.

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